June 30

Claim reporting and filing – Claim forms and filing procedures were modified to make it easier for parents to file claims while schools are physically closed due to COVID-19. Instructions and the modified claim form can be found HERE or by calling MST at (800) 827-4695, emailing your request to claims@myers-stevens.com or faxing your request to (949) 348-2630. COVID-19 testing – If an Insured suffers  an  Injury or Sickness that results in required testing for COVID-19, and if the claim is deemed payable in accordance with the policy, we will not apply any cost-sharing provisions to the COVID-19 diagnostics/test rendered (e.g., deductibles, copays, etc.). If further treatment

Apr 7, 2020

Federal, state and local governments, state regulatory bodies, insurance companies and specialized agency/administrators like Myers-Stevens & Toohey are all working to address issues for insureds that are causally connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. As compensating changes are made to our student insurance programs and procedures, we will detail them here. MODIFIED CLAIM REPORTING AND FILING: