Blanket Programs

Whether they occur in a public or private P-12 school, community college or day care center, student injuries can represent big problems for families as well as the educational institutions involved. This is especially the case when the student is otherwise uninsured or under-insured. Accessing care can be an issue and risk of litigation against the school may increase. Noncompliance with applicable state or local law may present further challenges. Providing some level of our blanket student accident insurance can be the solution!

Our programs allow institutions the flexibility to implement accident medical expense coverage terms and emergency sickness benefits to best address their own unique needs.

Changes in the delivery of healthcare

Despite what many may think about the evolution of health care delivery in the U.S., there remain a significant number of students who are completely uninsured for a variety of reasons.

Another segment consists of those covered as dependents through either individual or employer-provided health plans where deductibles and co-payments have increased dramatically. Choice of providers has become more limited when families discover their doctors and facilities are no longer participating in their network.

And, while many students may be covered under Medicaid, lower reimbursement levels mean that a significant number of providers do not accept Medicaid patients.

Why student insurance is more important than ever

Blanket student accident insurance covers all enrolled students and can:

  • Mitigate liability exposure and related costs resulting from uninsured or under-insured school-related injuries
  • Facilitate compliance with applicable state law or local board policy
  • Greatly lower the cost of coverage per student due to better spread of risk
  • Reduce the administrative load for your staff
  • Help families avoid serious financial hardship
  • Remove financial barriers for children looking to participate in extracurricular/co-curricular activities
  • Foster positive relationships within the community