Catastrophic Coverage

Even with the best of precautions…

Students may still sustain serious or fatal injuries while going to school, playing sports, attending field trips, or simply being in class. Traumatic brain injuries, coma, paralysis, and loss of life are examples of the catastrophic losses that can occur. Such injuries typically come with medical bills and other expenses that far exceed those associated with injuries that are not life altering.

By providing Catastrophic Injury Coverage, schools and districts can help seriously injured students and families ease their financial concerns. In addition, Catastrophic Injury Coverage allows students and families to access the care they need, reduce potential liability costs for the school or district, provide for final expenses when needed and promote healing of the community as a whole.

Catastrophic accidents do not limit themselves to sports

Many governing bodies for sports already require member schools to carry a catastrophic injury policy for athletics and a number of school property and casualty pools and consortiums have followed suit.

The need for catastrophic coverage is clear and although they are most commonly associated with athletic participation, these injuries are not relegated to sports activities alone. The transportation of students, specialized electives, physical education, natural disasters and on-campus violence are just a few examples of how these injuries can occur in areas other than the playing field.

Help beyond medical bills

Depending on the options selected, our catastrophic plans can pay covered accident medical expenses on an excess basis at 100% of Usual and Customary charges up to $5,000,000 after a $25,000 deductible. The deductible is waived and coverage starts from dollar one if the student suffers a presumptive disability. For the most serious of injuries, the plan can also provide up to $1,000,000 in additional cash assistance.

The program also provides blanket accidental death & dismemberment, loss of sight, speech, and hearing benefits.

No one likes to talk about it

On-campus violence is an issue that cannot be ignored. Violent acts on campus don’t affect just those directly involved, but the community as a whole. If a student is killed as a result of criminal violence while participating in a covered activity, the Crisis Management Benefit can provide additional funds to help the school or district deal with the aftermath as best fits their needs (i.e. counseling for staff and students, additional security measures, etc.)