If my child has no other insurance, what's my best buy?

Unless you need coverage for high school tackle football (in which case see the Interscholastic Tackle Football Plan), the Student Accident & Sickness Plan is our broadest, best option. The Student Accident & Sickness Plan (which covers both accidents and sicknesses, 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world) is our only plan that requires continued payments. We will issue invoices for premiums every 2 months. The next best plan is the Full-Time 24/7 Accident Plan with “High Option” benefits, which covers accidents o­nly – this plan has a o­ne-time payment for the school year.

If I have other insurance, why do I need this coverage?

Our plans can expand your choice of providers for your child and can help cover deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Can I take my child to any doctor or hospital?

Yes, you may choose to go to any medical provider.  However, seeking care through First Health medical providers may reduce your costs, depending upon which plan you purchase. To find participating First Health medical providers nearest you, call 800-226-5116 or log on to www.myfirsthealth.com.

Are the plan rates payable every month?

The accident-only plans (School-Time, Dental, Full-Time 24/7, Interscholastic Tackle Football) are o­ne-time payments for the school year.  The Student Accident & Sickness Plan premium is billed every two months.

How do I cover sicknesses or illnesses?

The Student Accident & Sickness Plan provides coverage for both sickness and injury.  Please note, routine check-ups and preventative care (such as physicals for sports clearance) are not covered under this plan. This plan is designed to cover sickness or injury commencing while insured under the plan.

Do the Interscholastic Tackle Football or School-Time plans cover camps and clinics sponsored and organized by groups other than my child’s school?

NO! However, such camps and clinics may be covered under our Full-Time 24/7 or Student Accident & Sickness plans. Call us for guidance!