Administrative Services

As an MGA/TPA, Myers-Stevens & Toohey provides many services on behalf of our clients and underwriting partners. Those services include, but are not limited to, designing, marketing, and fully administering the plans.  In order to deliver those services in a first-class fashion, we must also employ a first-class team. Collectively our team members are well-versed in all of our student accident plans and are able to promptly and professionally assist customer inquiries on the spot.  Additionally, we offer bi-lingual support to parents and students who speak Spanish as their primary language.

Enrollment made easy!

Enrolling thousands upon thousands of students each year is no small feat. Over the years we’ve honed in on several different strategies that offer both efficiency and flexibility for our clients. Our online process enables immediate access to our plans for those who are eligible and this has proven to be a crucial tool for clients when time is of the essence. Data submitted is securely processed, with a confirmation of insurance being emailed back to the enrollee all in the span of a few minutes!

In order to ensure all eligible parties have access to plans, we continue to invest in providing our clients with the printed materials they’ve come to rely on. Enrollment may still be submitted manually via email, fax and U.S. Mail. Payments may be made in the form of credit card, check and money order. And, yes, we reluctantly still accept cash!

We provide all types of premium invoices and payment options including automatic premium payment by credit card, ACH processing (electronic funds transfer), direct billing and group list bills. Plans that require monthly or bi-monthly payments are invoiced and mailed 45 days prior to the plan premium due date to help avoid any lapse in coverage.

Secure data collection and financial management

All data collected is solely used for delivering agreed upon services. These include enrollment of students, billings, claims adjudication and underwriting.

We take security and fraud prevention very seriously and ensure that all data records, physical or digital, are stored in compliance with all applicable regulatory statutes in secured & temperature-controlled warehouses. Our systems allow for easy data retrieval with the ability to produce premium, enrollment, and claims reports as needed.

When it comes to handling money we seek out partners who are the best at what they do. As such, we are proud to contract with only top-rated rated financial institutions offering the latest in industry technology. We leverage these technologies to guarantee timely and secure transactions which help us cover our clients faster.

Reporting tools

Our school clients can access real-time enrollment information to verify individual student coverage. We routinely provide our clients with detailed claims reports to help them better evaluate risk exposures and sources of injury at each of their sites.

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