Print & Distribution

We will provide your schools with brochures/enrollment forms detailing our many options. Parents/guardians of every enrolled student must receive an enrollment form on or before the start of the School Year for optimal results.

You may specify which week(s) you and your staff would prefer to receive materials and we will ensure efficient and prompt delivery at no cost. To further assist in the delivery process, we offer the following services:

  • Convenient packaging by school site – our boxes are clearly labeled as Student Insurance Materials
  • Materials are delivered when and where you indicate – individual sites, district office or district warehouse
  • Real-time tracking – immediate confirmation of shipment status including date, delivery address and signature verification
  • Each shipment includes enrollment envelopes, distribution instructions, claim forms and other necessary documents
  • You may order additional materials anytime at no additional cost
ID cards ensure results

Many of the families we provide coverage for have little or no financial resources to fall back on during an unexpected emergency. In fact, former Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, once referenced a Fed survey which found that an unexpected expense of just $400 would force the majority of American families to borrow money, sell something or simply not pay. She went on to say that families with assets can treat financial setbacks as “bumps in the road. Families without these cassets can end up, very suddenly, off the road.”

This is why every enrollee in our voluntary plans will receive two personalized Insurance Verification cards. We believe proof of coverage is important. With proof of coverage in hand, it is easier for parents to access the care their children need and providers are more inclined to “bill the insurance” first.  Families can focus on recovery rather than fronting the costs of care.

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