Voluntary Accident Plans

Our voluntary participation plans are a low-cost way for parents to provide protection for their children. They can be used on a standalone basis for those with no other health coverage or as “gap coverage” to assist with the high deductibles, high co-pays and other inside limits common to many of today’s health plans. They offer complete freedom of choice of provider!

Your school district may also offer our voluntary options in conjunction with our recommended blanket “School-Time” plans.

Importance to the school or district

As with our blanket plans, our voluntary participation plans can help facilitate compliance with applicable state law and/or local school board policy. These plans can also mitigate the liability exposure to the schools associated with uninsured or under-insured injuries. Most importantly, use of the plans can help injured kids get the care they need and get back to school!

Voluntary plans offered

We offer a variety of voluntary plans so that families have affordable and flexible choices to fit their needs. They include:

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