We all want to protect our kids but accidental injuries are a reality of life. When an injury occurs, especially a serious one, it’s natural for any parent to want the best medical care possible. We can help!.

Our plans are a low-cost way to protect your child for the entire school year. They can be used on a standalone basis or as “supplemental coverage” to broaden your treatment options and to assist with the high deductibles, high co-pays and other limits common to many of today’s health plans. If your child is otherwise uninsured or “under-insured”, we recommend the Student Accident & Sickness Plan or the High Option accident plans.

Our plans offer complete freedom of choice of provider! While you may take your child to any licensed provider, you can also access an extensive network of contracted providers with discounted charges. Seeking care through a contracted provider may further reduce your out-of-pocket costs.


Regardless of the plan(s) you select, there are two important features they all have in common that you should know about


Ambulance and Emergency Room (ER) – 911 calls are scary enough. If your child’s covered injury requires ambulance transport (ground or air), we’ll cover those charges as well as the related ER room and supply charges at 100%, subject to Policy terms.

Concussions – If your student-athlete suffers a covered concussion on or off the field and is then removed from play in his/her interscholastic sport per the school’s official protocols, we’ll cover all eligible charges directly related to that concussion at 100%, subject to Policy terms.

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